We Speak So Many Languages In Our Team Specially: Farsi, Kurdi, Turkish, Azarbayjani, Romanian and Chinese.

Speak with Peter Directly



Through years of working in house for builders, we have built relationships and know the ins and outs of the pre-construction world. Having direct access to the core of it all not only gets you in first, we also save you thousands of dollars on our exclusive broker pricing. ** Cash back incentives and extended deposit structures available. **

Saving you time

Book half day tours, where we will take you one-on-one to on-site locations, and show you the value in your potential investment. We will assess each project in terms of price, Intersection and future return on investment. Allowing you to make your own informed decisions. ** Free of charge. **

Rental Service Guarantee

Upon successful closing of your investment, we will offer you one full year Rental Guarantee Services, where we will expose your property on MLS, find you the right tenant and maintain the lease agreement.

Our Ongoing Relationship

We will offer assignment services free of charge, helping you make the most of your investment and ensuring that you are receiving a full service real esatate turn key delivery.

Re-sale Services

We can help you find your dream home, whether it be a pre-construction or existing property, and help you sell your investment years down the road.

With the our condo experience you will be taken into the forefront of it all, saving you thousands of dollars before public opening. Our V.I.P Team will get you in first! Working to get you a better deposit structure, upgrade incentives and exclusive units! Whether you are in the market for pre-construction or re-sale property we will help you to get the most of your investment!

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